Chat Channels with DirectChat

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We noticed a drastic change was needed to solve the ongoing chat spam issues on the server and all current bukkit plugins did not provide us with the things that we needed the most. Therefore we created our own chat plugin named DirectChat with all the functions that we need.

You can use DirectChat to switch to one of the defined chat channels named:

  • Battle
  • Trade
  • Global (5 second chat delay timer)
  • Local (300 ranged blocks radius chat)
  • Donator

Use the command /chat channelname to switch to one of the above defined chat channels.
Alternative commands for /chat: /c /dc

But that is not all, we have a new feature in the DirectChat plugin named Private Chat Channels.
You can initiate a private chat with the /private username command, once you are in a private chat channel you can invite other players with /invite username and the user will get a message to /accept the private chat request. These chat channels work directly and you will not have to type any command anymore once you are inside of a private chat channel.

If the starter of a private chat channel leaves the server or switches to another chat channel, the private chat channel get's closed automaticly.

Private chat commands:

  • /private username
  • /invite username
  • /accept
  • /leave

Awesome plugin :) Now there is lesser spam lol :) Ty for adding this in :D

Thank mr pqqqqq for the nice direct plugins.

Kewl :)



works great :)
I love the Local chat feature

"You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing you think you cannot do."

The private functions work great as well if you have a group of friends ;)