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Beginner's Guide (W.I.P)

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Welcome to PixelmonCraft, this server provides a safe multiplayer environment to test your skills as a pokemon trainer, with some Minecraft included. When you log on, there will be some things that you should take notice of:

After you have chosen your starter (or starters), you should get the starter kit to do this, simply do /starter in the chat.



Ivs are the values that a pokemon is born with, they are random values between 1 and 31. Theses stat values boost a pokemon's base stats. Pokemon that are below the 50% or have ivs that do not server its purpose (Like a special sweeper with low spattack ivs) are not very good candidates for teams. As you go on, the best method for getting favorable ivs is through breeding.


These are just as important as ivs, but these can be synthesized by battling  pixelmon, it is the same concept as ivs, except, the pokemon is not born with a set value. It increases as it defeats more pokemon. Battling certain pixelmon will give certain evs:

This obviously isn't all , and it would be a great help if you added suggestions via comments, Thank You.

I dont see the use of the "Advanced" section in a Beginner's guide at all, you literally go from getting your starter kit to IV Breeding . Not to mention there are already guides which explain both fields in a more exhaustive method anyway.

the open area of ​​the block breaking me does not work. To build such a house?  Making objects? 
all is well! Two times I entered the server, and the problem is solved!