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10k for whoever can find my friend Jeremy on the Kanto server.


Must post a screenshot and the person that finds it first will get 10k PC.


A bit of a random post, do we get like any clue where he is? xD

Nobody. No one. You are looking at a blank space.

Nope lol I'm hoping someone like a month from now will find it and be like "Is this Jeremy?!" 

It probably be someone ignoring him or trying to destroy him xD

Nobody. No one. You are looking at a blank space.

Well I don't know where he is anymore so I'm kind of hoping someone does find the little guy.

this is giveaway or you just lost your "little guy" lucation ? xd

Team FedEx Leader

Jeremy has been seen on the new 1.10 server! The bounty is still 10k for whoever can find my friend Jeremy.

Are you actually keeping up with him this time?

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any clues of where we need to look

He could be anywhere on the 1.10.2 pixelmoncraft server.

Yeah maybe lol

Sad no one found my friend :( 

RIP your little pengu, I'll try to keep a lookout for the little guy. Also ItsNyk U NEED TO LOOK AFTER UR STUFF!!!

He is the Godly Soul_Apple, anyone who takes a bite out of him becomes even more powerful then Gods so JUST DON'T TOUCH HIM much less take a bite out of him!!!

RIP Jeremy :,(