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The full PixelmonCraft guide [WIP]

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I'll keep it short - I am making a Pixelmon guide. I know there are a few guides that try to cover it all, but I am going to try and go very in-depth with this one. 

You can find the guide on Google Docs - I will link it below. As you will be able to see, I have left it open for all to edit. This is so that if you did want to help, you could.  If you do mess up the document for no reason, I can just restore it to a previous version. However, please don't. I will know who did it because I can easily see who made changes. Even if it does get messed up, I will change it to comment only.

I can't guarantee this, but if you do contribute a lot I might pay you.


I am going to begin to make a guide for the new server. I will carry on to finish the older one. I might leave a link here in the future.




In case you were wondering, I am planning to complete this before the new server releases. I am sure alot of players are still going to being playing the 1.7.10 servers, so I am still making this guide. I am, however, probably going to make one for the new server.

I have also updated this guide a lot, and plan to do a lot more. Even if you don't fancy writing, any suggestions are appreciated. You can add them at the top of the document in the to-do list. (:

Nobody. No one. You are looking at a blank space.

I strongly suggest to show the rules as they are in the official forum post, not some sort of a weird abbreviation with inaccurate extra information. (Like the ban lenght)

blue-eyed Dragonite... here to help you. Feel free to message me if you need help~

Here is the new guide. If you take a look, I have copied the old guide and will work my way through it updating and removing the information, and then adding new data. Feel free to help :D

Nobody. No one. You are looking at a blank space.