Pixelmon PUBG event

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Thinking I might see about choosing a day to throw together a custom game on PUBG (Player Unknown's Battleground)

 for pixelmon players. If any of you think you'd be interested, we can have up to 100 people play. We can do it with solo or teams. (2, 4, 8 man teams from my understanding). If you'd be interested, post saying so, and how you'd rather play (solo, duo, squad). We will go with majority vote. If we end up with somethin other then solo we can then decide if we want to do random teams or let people choose their own teams. 

Let me know, once we get the details of how to play and if we're going to, we can figure out the day for it. (if you want you can include what day of the week would work best for you, just to hit two birds with one stone)



So far with the number of people that have voted, we're looking at squads of 4 where you choose your teams. I agree with EU servers since they seem to lag less, plus a good portion of our players that also play PUBG would be from there. Waiting to see if we can get some more people interested, please make sure to include what type of time frame would work for you best.



NOTE: These are loose decisions that are semi-in place, need confirmation on them.

Team Three:


Team Two: 


Team One: 


: okay, looks like I've gotten about as much interest in the PUBG game as I'm going to get, so I'm going to start working on figuring out how to do the custom matches and everything I can edit when doing one. If anyone wants to play test for me, let me know

Future Versions Ideas: 

1st.  Also count me in

Im in... Duos preferably


Down. Group preferred. Weekend would be best if possible.

i'll probably be one of the first, but sounds like fun lol. i'm in. mornings are best for me, or nighttime on most wednesdays, fridays, and saturdays

I vote for EU server

Im down for groups of 4 (on EU servers) and i like the idea of being able to pick our groups

Im in, don't mind about format

Ya done know   1000+ Days here 

hell yeah im defo in would play as a squad and preferably on the eu servers if poss


Ye I'm in I'm a lil bit pony currently though so a squad would suit me better.


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