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ICL Indigo Conference League

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(since this never happened earlier i decided to start over)

Welcome to the Indigo Conference League (I.C.L)

This tournament is on showdown in the ou tier or lower and works like this:

The tournament has atleast 5 rounds:


Round 1-4 will go like this

You shall have to battle every round with only 3 pokemons (can be changed after every battle)

Each time in a different "arena".

These arena's are: Rock, Water, Grass and Ice.

You will have to bring atleast 1 pokemon with that typing for the matching arena.

battles go like this (yes you battle someone twice):


Round 5 will be a normal 3v3 without any needed typing.


For each battle that you win you get a point, the 4 with the most points will be put in a bracket where they will have to battle to get to the finals (these battles are 6v6)

The player cap is 16

Prize: 3200 pc

Entry fee: 200 pc

More info will come when needed, feel free to ask me about this event



1. superjurgen

Seems fun, why not :)

Ah, glad to see this return. I remember I signed up for the original tournament. I'd like to rejoin, please.