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Can't connect to the server

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From what i can tell the server keeps closing the connection An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host

Hi! I'm having the same issue, and while i'm not quite sure what WinMTR is telling me, I get zero response from 2 hosts and 90% loss from two others.

You will need to show the MTR report, you can see at which hop you are starting to experience problems. You have to check if it is going wrong in the first hops or the latest hops.

If it is nested in the first hops, it's a provider issue of your provider trying to connect to the server from your home, if it is in the latest hops it may be a datacenter to provider issue or somewhere in between there. Anyways perform multiple MTR reports and save them and if the issue persists from your location contact your internet provider.

Restarting a modem can help, reinstalling java 8 64bit can help, perhaps even grabbing the latest forge 1.12.2 could help.

I've been looking around and acutally i'm believing this could also be something to do with the packets in 1.12.2 specificly, i head that 1.12.1 does not have this problem, don't know this for sure but perhaps on a second forge version in the future these problems get resolved better. On the same post i read this from it also stated that the guy contacted his internet provider and they magicly restarted something and his packet losses we're solved.