A fatal error as occurred, this connection is terminated

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A fatal error as occurred, this connection is terminated.  I see the first blue screen when I load in but then it crashes and gives me this error.  Any clue to why it is doing this?  Seems to load up fine and does it fast but still kicks me off.

This used to happen to me, try allocating more ram to the game 

I've got 10 Gigs allocated to it and it still crashes. 

Thank you. Let me try that

I am not even sure if that mod will do anything for the client but it is worth a try, it is added to the server for packet problems, especially joining packets. 

The MTR report however will show if you have a problem with the connection to the server, but that's unlikely. 

DId you try any of the other ips? safari.pixelmoncraft.com or survival.pixelmoncraft.com?

Other servers are doing the same thing.  5 secs or less and fatal error.

Perhaps try reinstalling everything, use ATLauncher to get a fresh install?

try deleting mc and other stuff before restarting