Terms of Service

General Terms of Service here referring to all other rules that apply to users of the service.

  1. Pixelmoncraft.com Rules
  2. Pixelmoncraft.com Privacy Statement

Purchasing packages on Pixelmoncraft.com
By purchasing any package on Pixelmoncraft.com you agree with our terms and service.
Any purchase helps the server to continue it's service.

  • Your packages will be automatically delivered upon a purchase.
  • Any package is delivered within 5-10 minutes if you are online in the game.
  • If you are not online in the game the package will be delivered when you are online in the game.
  • Always ask permission of your parents if you are under 18.
  • Pixelmoncraft.com is not held responsible for your actions in our shop.
  • If any problems occur from your transactions you will be excluded from our network.

Using the Pixelmon Auction system

  • By using the pixelmon auction system you agree that you are the owner of the minecraft account.
  • You have to confirm your username ingame with /confirm to prove ownership of your account.
  • The pixelmon auction system works directly with your ingame PokeCoins.
  • Prices have been set by other players and are not bound to anything, you decide for yourself if you want to buy a pixelmon.
  • Be aware that there are auction fees invoved into buying or canceling an pixelmon auction.
  • First come, first serve, if the pixelmon is sold it is gone.
  • No PokeCoins back guarantee.
  • Pixelmoncraft.com is not held responsible for your actions on the Pixelmon Auction system.

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