Pixelmon Auction

The Pixelmon Auction system is a safe method of trading pixelmon for pokecoins. 

Name Level Shiny Nature Growth Gender Ability Price
Celebi Celebi 100 Yes Bashful Pygmy Genderless NaturalCure 8001pc
Tyrunt Tyrunt 1 No Lonely Huge Male StrongJaw 51pc
Aerodactyl Aerodactyl 1 No Timid Small Male Pressure 51pc
Ambipom Ambipom 33 Yes Timid Small Male Technician 2001pc
Suicune Suicune 100 Yes Serious Microscopic Genderless Pressure 15001pc
Tornadus Tornadus 48 No Naive Microscopic Male Regenerator 10001pc
Xerneas Xerneas 70 No Jolly Giant Genderless FairyAura 10000pc
Xerneas Xerneas 70 No Brave Huge Genderless FairyAura 16001pc
Zangoose Zangoose 65 No Gentle Small Male Immunity 51pc
Landorus Landorus 70 No Sassy Ginormous Male Intimidate 16000pc
Mew Mew 50 Yes Adamant Ginormous Genderless Synchronize 16000pc
Entei Entei 70 No Rash Huge Genderless Pressure 7900pc
Moltres Moltres 70 Yes Naughty Small Genderless Pressure 17000pc
Gyarados Gyarados 100 No Naughty Ginormous Female Intimidate 2501pc
Rayquaza Rayquaza 100 Yes Adamant Ginormous Genderless AirLock 30001pc
Lopunny Lopunny 95 No Serious Giant Male Klutz 2501pc
Duskull Duskull 25 No Calm Small Male Levitate 51pc
Magikarp Magikarp 14 No Careful Small Female SwiftSwim 51pc
Cinccino Cinccino 27 Yes Naive Small Female CuteCharm 301pc
Victini Victini 70 No Relaxed Ordinary Genderless VictoryStar 14001pc
Timburr Timburr 22 Yes Modest Huge Male Guts 301pc
Chimecho Chimecho 28 Yes Bashful Ordinary Male Levitate 301pc
Mawile Mawile 1 No Adamant Runt Male Intimidate 301pc
Cleffa Cleffa 1 No Bold Ordinary Female FriendGuard 601pc
Cleffa Cleffa 1 No Bold Ordinary Female FriendGuard 601pc