Pixelmon Auction

The Pixelmon Auction system is a safe method of trading pixelmon for pokecoins. 

Name Level Shiny Nature Growth Gender Ability Price
Nidorina Nidorina 21 Yes Quirky Huge Female Rivalry 211pc
Golduck Golduck 37 Yes Serious Giant Male Damp 211pc
Hypno Hypno 47 Yes Mild Pygmy Female Insomnia 211pc
Seel Seel 33 Yes Quiet Pygmy Male ThickFat 211pc
Butterfree Butterfree 17 Yes Hasty Huge Female CompoundEyes 211pc
Krabby Krabby 15 Yes Jolly Small Male ShellArmour 211pc
Paras Paras 16 Yes Hasty Runt Female EffectSpore 211pc
Victreebel Victreebel 38 Yes Adamant Runt Female Chlorophyll 211pc
Primeape Primeape 37 Yes Bold Ordinary Female AngerPoint 211pc
Arbok Arbok 46 Yes Careful Small Male Intimidate 211pc
Kingler Kingler 28 Yes Calm Ordinary Female ShellArmour 211pc
Venonat Venonat 20 Yes Rash Huge Male TintedLens 211pc
Murkrow Murkrow 5 Yes Quiet Small Male SuperLuck 211pc
Primeape Primeape 45 Yes Lax Ordinary Male VitalSpirit 211pc
Joltik Joltik 26 Yes Timid Giant Male CompoundEyes 211pc
Drowzee Drowzee 21 Yes Bashful Small Female Insomnia 211pc
Geodude Geodude 18 Yes Quiet Ordinary Male Sturdy 211pc
Psyduck Psyduck 14 Yes Careful Small Female Damp 211pc
Arbok Arbok 23 Yes Calm Small Male ShedSkin 211pc
Primeape Primeape 34 Yes Naive Ordinary Male VitalSpirit 211pc
Drowzee Drowzee 15 Yes Mild Small Male Insomnia 211pc
Paras Paras 20 Yes Naive Ordinary Male EffectSpore 211pc
Krabby Krabby 19 Yes Mild Ordinary Male HyperCutter 211pc
Krabby Krabby 18 Yes Naughty Enormous Male HyperCutter 211pc
Dwebble Dwebble 13 Yes Naive Giant Male Sturdy 211pc