Pixelmon Auction

The Pixelmon Auction system is a safe method of trading pixelmon for pokecoins. 

Name Level Shiny Nature Growth Gender Ability Price
Cubchoo Cubchoo 32 Yes Docile Small Male SnowCloak 151pc
Infernape Infernape 41 Yes Relaxed Small Female Blaze 501pc
Pupitar Pupitar 33 No Naughty Huge Male ShedSkin 151pc
Pupitar Pupitar 30 No Careful Small Male ShedSkin 151pc
Rufflet Rufflet 40 No Sassy Small Male SheerForce 51pc
Phione Phione 1 No Gentle Huge Genderless Hydration 30001pc
Jirachi Jirachi 70 Yes Mild Runt Genderless SereneGrace 9001pc
Beedrill Beedrill 10 Yes Gentle Ordinary Male Swarm 286pc
Vulpix Vulpix 1 No Brave Ordinary Female FlashFire 150pc
Vulpix Vulpix 1 No Gentle Giant Female FlashFire 150pc
Latias Latias 71 Yes Bold Pygmy Female Levitate 12000pc
Galvantula Galvantula 49 Yes Mild Ordinary Male CompoundEyes 301pc
Vespiquen Vespiquen 43 Yes Naive Huge Female Pressure 301pc
Delcatty Delcatty 46 Yes Naive Runt Male CuteCharm 299pc
Azumarill Azumarill 25 Yes Impish Huge Male HugePower 299pc
Ducklett Ducklett 23 Yes Mild Ordinary Female KeenEye 299pc
Lillipup Lillipup 15 Yes Hasty Ordinary Female Pickup 299pc
Lumineon Lumineon 41 Yes Naive Huge Male StormDrain 299pc
Electrode Electrode 48 Yes Quirky Giant Genderless Static 299pc
Geodude Geodude 25 Yes Gentle Huge Male RockHead 299pc
Sableye Sableye 10 Yes Rash Huge Female KeenEye 299pc
Buneary Buneary 9 Yes Impish Huge Male RunAway 299pc
Vanilluxe Vanilluxe 58 Yes Quiet Runt Female IceBody 299pc
Oddish Oddish 21 Yes Timid Huge Male Chlorophyll 299pc
Aromatisse Aromatisse 40 Yes Relaxed Ordinary Female Healer 299pc