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I am going to be suggesting a few things in this so hold on and bear with me.

New Quest: On the Kanto server I feel that the hunting feature is largely unknown and underappreciated by starting trainers. I feel like a hunt related quest should be added to explore this feature of the game which could help many beginning players.This quest could be accomplished by completing one (or more) hunts throughout the world. A small quest could also be added to visit the safari server as well. Another quest related to brewing potions could also be added. There could also be a quest line to beat a gym/the elite 4 when added. (sorry there are a few things under this subtitle)

Pokeballs in /shop: Many of the Pokeballs are available in /shop but not all are. I don't understand why excluding the following balls would be intentional, but it could be and I'm just missing something. Heavy ball, Net ball, and Dive ball. The park ball, cherish ball, and GS ball are also missing, but I understand why.

New Mod Server Side: This is more just of just a personal recommendation. I feel like adding the headcrumbs mod to the server which drops player heads upon death, as well as mobs, would make finding and collecting them a fun side task. Also a mod that would make storage of items easier like storage drawers or iron chests would help (I know this unlikely).

Gender Action: The cost of points to perform a gender action is absolutely insane no one has that many points and very few people have the amount of money needed to purchase 500,000 points.

Nether: Another extremely unlikely one here. The creation of a /warp nether where mobs have the ability to spawn. This would give players a fun incentive to make weapons and armor as well as allowing for the completion of many advancements.

Wondertrade: This has been driving me nuts forever. When the wondertrade reminder comes up for the number of shinnies and legends it still says the command is /wondertrade instead of /wt. 

Milk: Though it seems irrelevant the ability to buy milk from someone in spawn would be helpful since many people don't have access to a cow.

Points in Safetrade: Subtitle speaks for itself but the ability to give points in Safetrade without the risk of being scammed would be nice

Thank you for reading this sorry it is so long, but I have been on the server for a little while and was recently told to come on here and write down some things i have observed and though there are quite a few things here and probably more that I will think of the server is one of the most fun I have ever been on with a great community and I cannot wait to see what the new year bring.

- War_God_552


this man knows what going on yall


Adding on to my earlier suggestions it would also be nice to be able to change the original trainer through the use of points.