Introduce yourself for free handshake.

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Hey im Cranberryy im a Moderator on the pixelmoncraft server, when im on, im always on teamspeak or afk, just poke me twice if i dont respond.
Further ive been moderating lemonita's dutch servers aswell, ive been doing it for a while now and i enjoy helping new player in the server.
I like going to the gym and im not even a douchebag haha.
My favorite meme is the DOGE, any doge joke gets a smile on my face.

If you have questions for me just ask them and ill respond :)

Thanks for choosing pixelmoncraft and enjoy the server :D


(introduce yourself in this topic, making 1000000 topics for all players wont really work)

**handshakes can be claimed if you come into a 5 meter radius from me.


Hello I'm Downyy. 

I'm the rusty admin bot of the server. I've been a staff member on Lemonita's servers for almost 2 years now and have been working on pixelmoncraft since launch.
Currently I'm also the one responsible for recruiting new slaves, ...uhm I mean PokeHelpers. 
You're always welcome to ask any questions about the server. If I don't respond ingame just contact me on the teamspeak3 server ( or skype (pixelmondownyy).

If you have any suggestions/feedback on the quests or other gameplay elements, please contact me on skype or just make a topic on the forums.

See you all ingame,

Need help? Go to:

Visit us on our teamspeak server:

Hello Everyone, I am Coleman_C15.

I am 17 years old and enjoy art very much, I have done graphic design for several ios apps over the last few years. When I am not working on anything, I enjoy playing minecraft or pokemon. 
I am new to the server but not new to pixelmon, When I am online I occasionally will speak in the chat however I am normally playing with other friends and speaking to them on skype

I hope to get to know everyone in the coming months as I begin playing this server :)
Hit me up for a chat in-game some time 

-- Coleman


"You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing you think you cannot do."

Hello my name is JesseBaws,

and i am a Moderator on the Pixelmoncraft server. When i'm Online ingame you can always find me on the Teamspeak server so if you have any

questions or what so ever, feel free to ask them on Teamspeak or ingame. Something about myself.. Yes well i'm just living a regular life living it day by day together with my incredible nice 

Girlfriend which i love very much. I don't have many hobby's, some of em are playing MMORPG, hanging out and exercising every now and then.


I'll be looking forward to meet you guys ingame, and thanks for choosing Pixelmoncraft and enjoy the server!

Private Message here for assistance.

HEY! im xdxgamer nice to meet the community of pokemoncraft

Hello again im xdxgamer. I love pokemon and minecraft ive joined the server at 1/22/13 -a day before lemons birthday :D.- when I joined I had no clue on what to do XD. So I was asking ALOT of questions for the staff -sorry D: - and so right now this is my second day. Im now learning the basics of the mod and i hope for one day to become the best there is :P. Anyways Im loving the server, awesome staff,players and maps. Thank you lemon for making an awesome server also a special thanks to the staff that keeps taking my ds and to the awesome community. I hope to see everyone online!

Thank You


Hello, am Xeno2206 

I have been playing on the server for 2 months now and i really enjoy it instead of playing on normal servers.

I am very shy 

I am a freerunner i have been practicing for 1 year soon.

I love shooting games, so basically have all the latest shooter games and i love watching the Walking Dead, Bart Baker's Parodies and PewdiePie(Martzia)

I still havent got a girlfriend.... (not proud of it)

I am looking foward to meet everyone ingame! 


I am PunkDreams, I am a 16 year old boy who is really into music, I prefer punk the most but like pretty much every kind. I'm in a Ska band where I play bass guitar. I also play Guitar, Keyboard and Trombone.

Besides music am I also a huge anime fan, i've seen tons of them and come to like them alot.

Furthermore I do kickboxing ( same as boxing but you are allowed to kick, use knee's, elbows and more ).

In real life i'm pretty shy, thoughtful and very random.


I hope to see you all in game ;)

Just wandering around

Hey, HypeOr here.

I knew nothing of Pokemon until I started playing this server (I have since played some original games). I play all my online games with my friend Tamanor, we're always in a skype call. We joined the server a while ago but have just returned after a long break.

When it comes to building, I'm a perfectionist. I enjoy digital drawing, photoshop, making music and video editing.

That is all O_O

Much handshake, Such wow. (I bet I made you smile, I did a DOGE)

Hey, My name is Azure. 

I am a fairly young Minecraft player who enjoys pixel/pokemon. I like to come onto the server and see how much fun everyone is having.

When life gives you lemons, check if one of them is Lemonita.

If it is, you have just successfully kidnapped Lemonita!

Minecraft is like icecream. There are all different kinds, but vanilla is usually the best.

Hey I'm GENDamian. Although my real name isn't Damian. It's Aninda, and a much easier nickname, Ash. =] 


Ello, Im Dusty, just kind of a derpy young guy who got addicted to this server. I have nothing better to do most of the time, so I just kinda play here a lot. I am 14, but please don't treat me like a baby, I just want to be treated like everyone else. So yeah I don't know what else to write. Ummm theres nothing else anyone else needs to know about me. I don't believe in bringing personal life into a fun game like this, so I try to make everything I say and do happy and smiley; hopefully you won't object.  

Hey everybody, I'm bj4live.

I'm sixteen years old, live in Flanders and I'm one of the older members of the Lemon servers community. I'm also a proud member of the brony community. In said community, I'm a digital artist, animator, musician and writer. 

Most of my time in Minecraft is spent towards playing parcour maps and mini-games wit my friends.


See you in-game, 



Hey everyone, I'm Chris, 19 years old, 2 meters tall and gym leader on this server.

I live in Belgium and speak four languages daily, since my mom's German, my dad's Belgian, some of my best friends are Frenchmen (I live at the border with France) and I go on teamspeak to laugh with The Netherlands' cheeseheads and talk with very nice Canadian giggly women.

Playing basketball here in Belgium has been part of my life for 12 years, then the point came I quit and made place for the youth movement I'm a leader at now. Working with kids always clears my mind and makes me enthusiastic every single time.

Currently studying Computer & Cybercrime at college in Bruges, but since all the lectors ever do is literally read out loud what's in our books, I never go and only study when exams are approaching. Doing that made me only have 1 exam out of 12 that I didn't pass this semester, so I'm going to keep doing that.

No clue how I can keep track of it all the time at this age, but I only need 3-5 hours of sleep every night. I find that very weird myself. But you'll basically see me on the server a lot.
When I'm not on the server I'm either going to a hardcore gig (metal genre, not techno), working out, going for a run, eating, drinking beers with buddies, entertaining kids at my youth movement, making jokes with my mom, pestering my twin sister or other stuff.

I haven't always been a great fan of gaming or minecraft in particular, but Pokemon's been in my veins hardcore since my childhood, so I'm very addicted to this server and actually started to enjoy playing minecraft as well.

That was a lot of information, right. Hahaha

Ever need help or have questions, be sure to pm me in-game.