Guide: Becoming a gym leader

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Hello trainers of pixelmoncraft. If you've come to this post 
you're probably considering becoming a gym leader. Now I must warn 
you that becoming a gym leader is not an easy, trivial task. 
There's many things you must take into consideration when applying 
for gym leader. This guide will cover most of the necessities for 
becoming a gym leader. It will teach you what you should expect 
and what you should already know. 
Without further ado I give you: FeelMyGoods guide on becoming a 
gym leader.

1. Pokemon Type Knowledge

As a gym leader, or even a trainer you should know the strengths 
and weaknesses of every pokemon type. 
For example you should know that Electric obviously beats ground I 
mean where do you think craters and crop circles come from? This 
is just common sense. Also fire beats water as the fire will heat 
the water to a point of evaporation. A final example is that water 
will obviously beat steel. Water is the main cause of rust for 
steel so this is an obvious counter. 
As you can see a lot of real life logic can be carried over to 
pokemon. So if you got anything less than straight A's during 
school you should give up now.

2. Item effect Knowledge

There's many items in pokemon. From usable items such as potions 
and ethers to held items like choice items. Here I will give a 
brief explanation of a few items but these are things you must 
learn in order to be a successful Gym leader.
We'll start with usable items. Potions do exactly what you'd think 
they do. They cure illness. So if your pokemon is 
paralyzed/poisoned/burned/has the stomach flu or some other 
ailment a potion will help but take 3 turns. If you want a faster 
cure, super potions will clear it up in 1 turn and Max potions are 
instant cures.

Just to note: Potions and other usable items are banned during Gym 
battles as a gym leader you need to be a cold-hearted strong 
person who is not afraid to watch pokemon suffer.

Now for held items: The least useful items during battle are 
choice items. Sure they boost special attack, speed, or special 
attack respectively but you're locked into a move and you don't 
want to be locked into using an ineffective move like stone edge 
against a flying pokemon because stone edge can't reach flying 
pokemon and therefore they are immune.
Instead I suggest taking power items(unless you need speed in 
which case you might be forced to take a choice item) Power items 
reduce speed by 50% but increase any of the 9 stats that are 
available including HP(Hit Power) which is the strength of your 
physical hits.

3. The training process is hard
Anyone who is a gym leader goes through a secret gruesome 2 year 
training course in order to obtain their position. We must prove 
ourselves worthy and not many make it past the first month. First 
we're flown by jet on the most turbulent route possible. We fly by 
the bermuda triangle to an undisclosed location where horror 
awaits us. We must live breath and dare I say... even eat pokemon. 
Pokemon is our lives, and if we so happen to forget that for even 
a second we're stuck picking up rhyhorn dung for a week(with 
nothing but spoons). I've been diagnosed with PTSD and am on 
medication for it upon returning home from pixelmon bootcamp. It 
pains me to even talk about some of the things that goes on there but 
you've been warned.

4. No criminals allowed

As with most jobs we're judged on our past. Why hire a criminal 
when you can hire someone equally as worthy without a criminal 
record? As such we must submit to police background checks, so if 
you've ever been arrested for stealing a toothbrush at walmart 
you had better get a government pardon or you can kiss being a gym 
leader goodbye.
So apply above if you can handle it, 
and may the odds be ever in your favor.

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Love the guide xD

Hi there.

I like this guide also. It gives me a good explanation for it :D

Haha white sheep that's because I wrote it in MS Word first and when I copy and pasted it was double spaced. I was too lazy to fix.

where can i reply to become a gym leader maybe?

thank you

My god Feelmygoods, I didnt know you had PTSD.  I'm so sorry dude.  I thought the drugs would help man.  It's my faul.  I laced everything you ate.  Even the pikachu you ate alive and whole >_>.

P.S.  DOn't ask how I did that, I was just trying to make you strong for the Fearow Drill Peck Triathlon.  You have to admit though, you passed that with flying colors, and you didnt lose any of your organs.  You're welcome dude.

can someone help me to become a gym leader i have a very good motivation pls!!!!!!!!!

i am the most of the time online, if u wanna speak to me about it.

if u have to know the languages, I speak: dutch, french, english and deutch 

have fun and enjoy your playing

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