PixelmonCraft Servers: Differences.

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  • ​Kanto: kanto.pixelmoncraft.com (3.4.0)

Kanto is a peaceful server, where no mobs spawn, and you don't need any kind of food to keep you going, it has a normal spawn rate, where Legendaries will randomly spawn. You'll be able to battle the eight gyms here, but keep in mind Gymleaders are real people, so they won't be doing battles 24/7. All the gyms are placed in the first gens towns, where the gyms will also keep their original types, but not the original teams.

You can also do the quests that Kanto provides, doing all sorts of different things, and getting different rewards as you complete them.

There's a mailbox available in both Kanto and Johto, where you can put items in and sell them on the auction, or just move items to Johto. We also have the wondertrade available in here, go ahead and test your luck.

  • Johto: johto.pixelmoncraft.com (3.4.0)

Johto is another peaceful server, Legendaries do spawn on here too. In addition. There are no Gyms in Johto, meaning that it's mainly used for player battles. You can access the Mailbox here too, and use the Auction, and Wondertrade.

  • Safari: safari.pixelmoncraft.com (3.4.0)

Safari is a server used for catching Pokemon and sending them over to other servers. You're able to claim free Safari Balls in the shop, and obtain different pokeballs on the server itself.

  • Creative: creative.pixelmoncraft.com (1.7.10)

​The creative server is pretty much all-round based on creativity, on this server our community has the ability to build whatever they desire. A player can claim an area that we usually like to call a "Plot". Once the player has claimed their plot him/her will have fully acces to Creative-Mode and the ability to fly. World-edit is NOT included.

  • Hoenn: hoenn.pixelmoncraft.com (3.4.0)

The Hoenn server is for survivalists, your hunger depletes and at night the normal minecraft mobs come out. Legendaries spawn, the Nether is accessible. There is also the MMO plugin on Hoenn for you to keep track of your skills and compete with your friends.

  • Planet Pixelmon: play.planetpixelmon.com (3.4.0)

Planet Pixelmon is a survival server, you get to keep your inventory. Here you can also participate in the MMO plugin, trying to get to the first place, without having to do deal with hunger.

  • MineGames: play.minegames.ms (1.7.10)

Minegames is a game server where our Community can connect to to play different kinds of mini-games such as: PVP-kit, Stacker, Edgeball and regular PVP. At the moment the server is still in BETA version and is still under construction when it comes to implementing more games, and creating more playable maps. Once the server has been developed more and comes out of BETA the current information available will be updated more specificly.


To see what update the servers are on, and where they're located, check here: 

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  • ​MineGames.
  • ​Creative.
  • Client versions to each server.


  • Mine Server.

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Um, I died in the Nether before, and I never lost my inventory. I also seen other players die in the Nether, but they never lost their inventory. Is that a bug or did you just forget to change that?

If you ever see me on a server (not just PixelmonCraft servers), feel free to talk to me! :D

Im trapped in the nether D= for Planet Pixelcraft server


@NstarMC always been. keepinventory is on.


Creative does include worldedit after a donation of 20 euro.

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 Fighting is disabled, as Safari is only used for catching.


I don't know if any Administrators know this, but you can fight on Safari. There are people with level 100s on there. You can fight people and pokes there.

But, I see everyone saying it's disabled, when it is possible to do.