How to relearn moves as of 3.5.1

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Getting asked this question a lot, I figured I'd do a quick guide regarding how to relearn old moves via "the move glitch".

------------------------------- Section 1 - Introduction - Why ----------------------------

Two main reasons:

  • Relearning a move your mon accidentally forgot.
  • Access to early-level moves on evolved mons ( i.e. Bullet Punch on Scizor or Rapid Spin on Donphan: he'd learn it at level 6, but a Donphan can only be obtained legally at level 25 ).

---------------------------- Section 2 - Relearning Moves - How ------------------------

Open your inventory, hover your cursor over the mon you want to relearn a move to and hit the "Moves" button on the drop-down menu.

On the very right of your screen you'll see a trash can, to delete a move of choice first select one, then single-click said bin: your move is now gone for good.

Now go on and delete all 4 moves, this will force new moves to be generated, these are randomly picked from the movepool your Pokémon has access to at the level it is at.

Here's the tricky part: the moves you see now are just a visual thing and will be lost after a relog, but do not worry, just engage in battle with a wild mon; the moves you see now and can select from are the ones you'll end up with.

Not satisfied with the moves? Just repeat the deleting & refreshing process again until you do get the moves you want.

 ~Note: If you're aiming for a specific move, use this method ASAP, as doing it on a higher level just means there are more moves the system will choose from.

----------- Section 3 - Acknowledgements, Risks & Troubleshooting ------------

This first one's not a risk, just a reminder: you will lose the 4 moves you've selected, so while if it's level-up move you can randomly re-learn it, 

  • TM Moves
  • HM Moves
  • Pre-Evolution only Moves
  • Egg Moves
  • ( Tutor Moves )

will be lost.

There's a small chance that after a re-log your mon will end up with no moves at all. like this:

Again, do not worry, just /store <slot#> it and then /claim it back; now check your pc, it will be in your box with the moves you had just made him re-learn.

------------ Section 4 - Relearning Moves - Impossible Combinations -----------

To reiterate what I said previously, by using this glitch you will lose the Pixelmon's current moves, therefore, you will not be able to have the combination of Egg Moves/Pre-Evo Moves + early level Moves in a Moveset.

Just to name a few examples I'll use the mons Scizor & Donphan again:

It is illegal to have Baton Pass and Bullet Punch on a Scizor, as the former is an Egg Move and BPunch requires the use of this glitch.

It is illegal to have Odor Sleuth and Rapid Spin on a Donphan, as the former is obtained by Pre-Evo and RSpin requires the use of this glitch.

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Great guide, Yutolio.

Thanks, I recomend this for ledgendarys