Previous purchases are no long valid? (Warps/claims)

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Previously I purchased the maximum allowed warps and quite a vast amount of claim blocks (well over $100 USD) 

I am currently unable to use either in the new servers. Is there anything that can be done?  I've lost all my pixel points, poke dollars, Pokemon, and claims... If I don't have anything to show for the hundreds of dollars I've spent on this server via multiple accounts, why should I bother with this server anymore?




The server switched from 1.7 to 1.10 last year during April and as a result we had to make several changes. Our warp plugin changed and we don't have the ability to give the same warp perks, so those went away. They're considered a purchase for the old server. Donators have the option to set warps now for money and get 50 homes as a make up for the loss in private warps since generally only donators bought them. Points should have moved over from the old server, if not you may have to bug Lemon about it, Pokemon should still be on the old servers. Currently, only Kanto is up or players to retrieve their Pokemon, but I believe Lemon is working on the other servers. I don't recall what happened with claim blocks as it's been a long time since the decision was made, but money was left behind for everyone (including all staff) as we wanted a fresh start on the economy.