Rock Own Tempo/Dusk Form Lycanroc

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I reckon adding a way (either in server or in donation tab) for players to obtain a dusk form lycanroc would be great. The main reason for this is sort of how rare it is, as he is only catchable within a very short time in-game window as well as being a very rare encounter, but ash-greninja is purchaseable through the donation shop anyways. And according to the wiki, ash-greninja can be encountered in-game just like dusk form lycanroc.

You could also just evolve a rockruff during dusk and get it.

I have already tried, evolving my rockruff between 5pm and 5:59pm just like in the games and it evolved into midday. Unless its the wrong time, that's on me. Also, according to the wiki, you need an own tempo Rockruff for dusk form.