Enable /checkspawns legendary on safari

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I made another thread in general asking if anyone knew about safari and legends, didnt really get a good response so Im assuming Legendary spawns are similar to kanto server where they happen every certain amount of time but we dont know the amount of time and that really makes it seem like a big waste to be sitting there in the wrong biome if nothing would spawn even after the legendary check (30%?) succeeds.

Safari gets little to no use due to this inconvenience, it already misses out on vote parties so i think this small change would make it worth it.

 theres rarely someone there and at most theres ever like 6 people. I think no one likes spending hours or even days there trying for a legend without knowing if theyre even looking for the right Pokemon that matches with the legendary spawn cycle. 

edit: I really hope the reasoning is not anything along the lines of "making that change would make it too easy and it would lose the challenge" because that cant be further from the truth, theres no challenge if its a completely hidden and random chance, enabling checkspawn would make it fun and viable. besides if one was worried about legendaries losing their challenge/meaning then how come kanto got like 20 legends spawned in like 1 minute that one time, things like that devalue legends, but a checkspawn command on safari would only promote the use of safari. 


my 2 cents i hope you'll consider. 



Safari will remain as it is for now. With the addition of journey maps it is already easy enough to find legends on any server. Not to mention spawn rate is increased on safari and you are able to teleport to any biome that contains the pokemon. Closing Suggestion.