Addressing my issues with the rules.

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       I want to start this off by saying this is in no way an attack of aggression on anyone or anything, I have always been a fan of this sever and its community and I just want to state some of my problems I have with the current rule set.

I have already spoken with War about some of the rules that me and many other players find unnecessary. These include, but are not limited too, excess punctuations, spamming, and spacing of words.

      To start off with, many staff members have been calling out players for adding 3 or 4 punctuation marks at the end of their sentences. I am aware that some players could could find these distracting or "annoying", but that is only a small handful of people. The majority of the server does not care if there is an extra exclamation mark at the end of a sentence. Someone will always find something to be annoying and we don't make rules for every single little thing, so why should this be any different? Some may say that people don't need that many marks, or that just 1 or 2 will do to however, these could be used for comedic reasons or to emphasize a point. I am not opposed to the idea of completely removing this however, I do believe it should be modified so that someone who puts 3 to 4 punctuation marks wouldn't be punished as to someone who puts 7 to 8.

     Spamming is the next issue I would like to address which, by the way, is the only one of these that does show up when you do /rules. Spamming has been misunderstood by staff a few times. Spamming is when a person repeats a message over and over again. Players have received severe warnings against something harmless for example, a player might want to separate their messages in chat in order to give life to their speech, or someone might want to countdown to add suspense to their next phrase. Obviously, these can be taken to an extreme and at that point it would be understandable for a staff to take action but for someone with good intensions, he or she should not be punished. I would also like to add the fact that Togepi has spammed many times as well. You can see how this could be taken as staff members do not have to follow rules. A few other instances of this happening is when someone new joins, occasionally Prof. Oak will say "WELCOME TO THE KANTO SERVER!!!!". One other example of this is when you catch a pokemon with a sports ball for the first time, the advancement says "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL". I am aware you cannot mute advancements, but if no one is bothered by that then clearly they wouldn't be bothered if a player did that as well.

    My last issue I have is with the spacing out of words. This is typically used for comedic purposes and is another form of players expressing themselves freely however, even if it is a singular very small word that doesn't harm anyone in any way, these people get punished. This too could be taken out of proportion and players could space out entire sentences, of course then a staff member would take actions, but I just do not see why someone who has no intention of causing harm or be a nuisance to anyone should be punished.

    As far as rules go that is all I have to say, there are still many things I don't quite agree with, but you have to start somewhere. There is one more thing I would like to add and that is that, my warp was taken down without any warning or without any notice. I am aware that the warp was a troll one, but again it caused no harm. No one lost anything, it was just a harmless practical joke. People play games and join servers to escape the rules and restrictions of everyday life, when they are still faced with these they seem restrained. That is all I have to say for now. I know this has been a long one, but I can only hope that someone will review this and will see the issues we have with these rules. I really want this server to thrive and succeed and I believe this is a good step in making this server fantastic.

       Thank You, BooKing1

I completly agree with you BooKing1, I really don't see a real reason why we should censor the chat because a few people may be offended, (mainly staffs), I want this server to bloom, I love this server, I love Cake, I love Lemonita, I love you all other staff and your engage in this good work, but rules should be used when its necessary. 

With necessary I mean when people are bullying or are doxxing a persons real identity or in that level, not if a usual player uses the F word or something, I think if we allow more liberty to the server, more people would be happy in the server, they wont feel oppressed, like I and many others feel. It's not worth it to oppress the majority to make a minority feel comfortable

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This isn't the first attempt that some people have argued against some of the rulings that the staff decide on. Nor will it be the last. I'll congratulate you if you're even acknowledged on this post. Unfortunately there's a work ethic a decent chunk of staff seem to follow of "Out of sight, out of mind". They don't have to respond or do anything at least acquiescing to player requests/feedback. I truly wish there was some sort of player feedback system where people could voice their thoughts on server rules and staff members. I've had too many instances of radio silence when I've tried to inquire about particular rules or inappropriate staff behavior/conduct and have been shutdown by complete apathy. 

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I agree completely, sometimes a staff member will call me out about it and I either ask questions or say something that makes them realize how dumb something really is, but they'll just decide not to respond. I'm glad you brought this up.

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The rules were put in place because of complaints made by players on the server. Each rule was carefully thought about and discussed within a group. They were not just created for any one staff members satisfaction or gain.

I do agree as far as punctuation marks being an issue, it has been one talked about in length. We will be discussing a possible revision on the rules during our next staff meeting. While its true that spamming is defined as sending the same message multiple times some people use it to describe the stretching of text or unnecessary usage of multiple letters in a word. This will also be discussed in the possible revision.

I understand wanting to add a little more to the conversation but we simply ask that people don't send multiple messages or overly space them out on the server. We have other platforms for communications were you can show off you comedic values via voice chat or through general discussion. One of the biggest problems with rules is knowing how far to enforce them. We let some people space out their words or spam them across the screen and then 20 other players say: "hey I can do that too!". Then the small problem becomes a bigger one. All it takes is one to ruin something for everyone.

Its not very becoming of a staff member or any member of customer service to argue with someone (sometimes we mess around :p) so a lot of times they wont engage with someone arguing with them and I don't blame them. The staff members of pixelmon are unpaid volunteers who dedicate their free time to trying to make the server a better place for everyone. Most members of staff have jobs, children, or both and have to deal with the hardships/stresses of every day life (IRL). All this while still trying to enjoy the game themselves.

A lot was covered here in closing I would like to say this server has been around a long time and we don't plan on going anywhere. The rules can be strict but this has always been a fun loving (if a bit relaxed) community compared to others. If you would like to get more involved with trying to make the server a better place you can always submit an application here:


Hey I'm glad you were able to review our concerns, although I do not agree with everything you said this does clear up some things. There are still more issues to be discussed but I feel little by little we can fix things as we go along. Me and many others hope to hear some updates of rules from the upcoming meeting. Please keep us posted and thanks again.

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That being said I will go ahead and close this support topic so there isnt an open ticket.