Enchanted Items ( that aren't close to breaking) Disappearing from inventory

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Hi, I first wish to say how much fun the new server & the new BOP mod are.  Secondly, if anyone has any ideas about this,  I was wondering why my diamond enchanted tools keep (occasionally) disappearing from my inventory? There doesn't seem to be a reason, it just happens while I'm usually chopping or mining something. And no, my tools aren't close to breaking, & my inventory isn't full or close to being full) they are usually yellow/green. It's a weird & slightly vexing thing & I don't know if there is anything that can be done (probably not) but I wanted to post this just in case someone else is having a similar issue).


UPDATE:   I believe that it is most likely my inventory mod that is causing this, so I'll switch it out & see how things go.

Now all of my tools disappeared while I was posting this. What is going on?

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